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Those are just a few words that most people use when describing purchasing a property. Whether they're buying their first house or are increasing their real estate portfolio, there's always an exhilarating edge that flourishes when you take that pen and sign your name on the offer to purchase.


Where do I come in? I'm there every step of the way to make sure that when you do sign that paper you are 100% sure it's the right move for you and that you are protected. Finding the perfect house, setting up viewings, organizing the home inspection, negotiating on your behalf, communicating with lawyers, providing valuable contacts for after possession day, are just a few of the services that I provide when we work together on your property purchase.


While I can't make the butterfly's in your stomach disappear, I will be there as a guiding hand to help throughout the entire process.

Buying a Home

Buying a home can be one of your most significant investments in life. Not only are you choosing your dwelling place, and the place in which you will bring up your family, you are most likely investing a large portion of your assets into this venture. The more prepared you are at the outset, the less overwhelming and chaotic the buying process will be. The goal of this page is to provide you with detailed information to assist you in making an intelligent and informed decision. Remember, if you have any questions about the process, we're only a phone call or email away!

Standard Home Inspection
The areas which may be covered include lot and grounds, roofs, exterior surfaces, garage/carport, structure, attic, basement, crawl space, electrical, heating and air conditioning systems, plumbing, fireplace/wood burning devices, and appliance condition. Remember that your inspection rights are clearly stated in the Contract For Sale and vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In some cases, homes can be sold "as-is" even though an inspection may take place.

Interest Rates
As you start shopping for a home loan, your first question of each lender will probably be "What's your interest rate? How much are you charging?" Interest rates are usually expressed as an annual percentage of the amount borrowed. If you borrowed $120,000 at 10% interest, you'd owe interest of $12,000 for the first year. With most mortgage plans you'd pay it at the rate of $1,000 a month. You would also send in something each month to reduce the principal debt you owe - and the next month you'd owe a bit less interest.

When your grandparents bought their home (putting at least half the purchase price down, by the way), their interest rate was probably around 4 or 5%. Rates stayed the same for years at a time. Then in the years following World War II, things became more turbulent. As economic changes speeded up, rates began to change several times a year. By the 1980s, lenders were setting new rates on mortgage loans as often as once a week - and they still do today. When inflation hit a high in the '80s, some mortgage loans carried interest rates as high as 17% - and those who absolutely needed to buy paid that much.

Rates dropped gradually through the 1990s, and by 2000 had reached their lowest rates in decades. Continuing into the millennium, home buyers appear to have the most favourable conditions for mortgage borrowing since their grandparents' days - and without 50% down payments either.

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